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We’re the bakers behind some of Britain’s finest pet biscuits. See how your brand can benefit from hand baked, wood fired biscuits!

Dog biscuit packet

Any size batch, any type of pack.


From small runs of 75kg right up to 50 tonnes at a time, our batch production method can help you launch a new product without ordering an overwhelming amount of stock and safe in the knowledge that we have the capacity to support you as your sales grow. Our flexible approach and short lead times help you get your product to market quickly and painlessly.

Distinctive packaging helps products sell so the only limit is your designer’s imagination. Stand up pouches, flow wrap, tubes, tins, we can fill them all!

Recipe book

Unique recipes that we protect


We will work closely with you to create a unique, innovative and exclusive recipe that will benefit your brand. Our experienced team of bakers will guide you through the development process and we have nutritional and technical support on-hand to help ensure that your customers’ pets are begging for more.

We specialise in producing products that are 100% natural. Using top grade ingredients, the only limit is your imagination. All of our biscuits can be formulated as wheat-free, grain-free or meat-free if you wish.

Biscuit cutter

Unique biscuit shapes


They do say the first taste is with the eyes.

Your biscuit is the embodiment of your brand. We can work with you to create a distinctive unique shape that is right for your customers.

Branded packaging

Stand out from the crowd


Have the freedom to create exactly the right look for your product. We understand the power of brand and have the flexibility to pack into almost any format. Our dedicated packing team are experienced and extremely versatile. We can hand-pack small quantities and have the machinery to pack over 1000 units every hour.

Take the confusion out of on pack declarations. We can support you with everything needed to take your packaging to print, safe in the knowledge it is fully compliant with the latest legislation.

Handful of dog biscuits

Hand baked in wood fired ovens

More than just a collection of buzz words, we are committed to creating the world’s finest biscuits while protecting the planet. Batch baking in wood fired carbon neutral ovens gives us the control to make sure that your biscuits are baked perfectly every single time.